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Free Applications
The folks at Long Pond Title Lending think you should have the opportunity to submit an application without paying any fees. This gives you a chance to ask questions and learn about the process before spending any of your money.

Documentation & Vehicle Requirements
Rather than asking for a huge pile of financial forms and using a complicated application process for title loans Bradenton, we’ve streamlined the operation and kept the paperwork to a minimum. Listed below are the basic requirements needed for loan consideration:

• Approved borrowers have to be able to show that they have enough money coming in to make their payments. However, we are mainly focused on the equity in your car rather than the amount of your income. If you have money coming in from any kind of job, small business income, self-employment income, Social Security, disability, pension money, unemployment or another source, you shouldn’t have much trouble qualifying.

• As a title lender, we are required to meet Florida title loan regulations, which state that borrowers have to be over 17 years of age. We can easily verify your age by checking your driver’s license.

• To make sure you have enough equity in your vehicle pledged as collateral, we do require that you hold a lien free title to a working vehicle in your name. If you recently paid off your vehicle loan, you may need to take your lien release over to the Department of Motor Vehicles to exchange it for a lien free title to apply for title loans Bradenton.

Loan Application Methods
Our flexible loan process allows us to offer three methods to apply for quick cash.

1. We maintain a secured online website with a short application that always available.

2. We’re happy to take application over the phone if you have a few spare minutes.

3. Some folks like to meet us in person, so they prefer to take care of applications at local loan stores.

Fill out the Short Application Form
You may need all of five minutes or less to complete the required fields on the application. Listed below is the data that is required on applications:

• The full name of the applicant, a contact phone number and the zip code of your home address.

• An estimate of your car’s mileage, the year it was made and the make, body style and model.

Receiving Your Free Instant Loan Estimate

Our customers tell us all the time about how pleased they are that we have chosen to send out instant loan estimates. Estimates may vary slightly from final loan offers. However, they do give you a pretty good idea of the amount of cash you could be offered.


About the Benefits You’ll Enjoy

• Your secured loan assures you of a sizeable loan amount and a good interest rate.

• Applicants never have to worry about being turned down for title loans Bradenton because of bad credit. Credit doesn’t come into the picture because your vehicle title secures the loan.

• Unlike other lenders that always require a stated purpose for getting a loan, Long Pond Title Lending does not make this a requirement. Your reason for taking out a loan always remains private.

• There is no need to deal with folks working out of state because we maintain store offices right in your neighborhood. If you have a question about an interest rate, the length of the loan or need additional information about your contract, we’re here to help.

• You have the option of repaying your loan within 30 days, or we would be happy to extend the loan terms.

How Our Loan Process Works at Long Pond Title Lending

• Our applications are quick and easy, so get your application in today.

• We’ve taken the stress out of loan interviews with simple phone interviews that only take a couple of minutes to complete. You will receive a phone call from a loan agent who will guide you through the entire loan process. Even if you have never taken out a loan before, we will explain how interest rates work, discuss the repayment period and help you to find a payment plan that makes sense for your family.

• The only time it is necessary for our borrowers to drive anywhere is to sign a contract, drop off their paper car titles and pick up their loan funds. Contracts are processed at nearby loan stores. You will have the opportunity to read through your contract, check interest rates and make sure you are comfortable with the agreement.

• We pay out your loan funds, and you are all set up to begin making title loan payments.

Title loans Bradenton could be the ideal financial solution you’ve been searching for.